Protect and monitor data

In an increasingly connected and digitalized world, computer attacks are becoming ever more targeted and sophisticated, and it has never been more important to both protect and monitor systems and data.
You will therefore need good security solutions which not only prevent, but also help you detect and clean up attacks which would normally have passed under the radar.

Why both protect and monitor?

We want to know when attacks are made on the user’s equipment, on the data center or on the information that flows in and out of the business. Once we have been subjected to an attack, we want to clean up as soon as possible without impacting on the business’s services. We therefore want to have an overview of the equipment and services that have been affected and to obtain proposals for specific measures in order of priority.

How Syscom can help:

Basic security

Basic security such as firewalls, anti-virus, patching and e-mail encryption.

Threat protection

Advanced threat protection which finds and blocks zero-day vulnerabilities.

Incident response

Incident response tools which make it possible to search for indications of attacks once they have happened.

Log monitoring tools

Log monitoring tools which analyze logs to detect attacks and zero-day threats.

Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning which identifies configuration and vulnerabilities which expose the business to risk.

Incident management

Good and anchored routines for incident management.

As IT security consultants, we have a number of CISSP-trained consultants with great dedication to the discipline as well as broad experience within practical IT security work and service deliveries.