Practical IT Security work

Security attacks and vulnerabilities in IT systems are no longer the exception - they have become the rule.
Many enterprises are struggling to build up sufficient expertise within IT security and to follow security policies.

Fortunately, there is a solution

– We call it the practical IT security work which ensures:

  • That security policies are actually followed.
  • That important and decisive measures are implemented.
  • In this way, practical IT security work helps to protect, detect and deal with threats, and thereby reduces risk.

Practical IT security work – what is it?

Practical IT security work is a business strategy for increasing the level of security through following good security policies within the business. Employees who know and follow good routines, conversion of theory and policies into practice, as well as automation, make it easier to secure the business’s services and information.

How Syscom can help:

The key elements of practical IT security work:

Anchoring and understanding of why IT security work is important and how it supports the business.

Documented routines and processes which are readily available – and which are practiced regularly.

Highest possible degree of automation – e.g. patching, reporting and maintenance.

Well integrated solutions which function across internal silos – e.g. same information available for security, operation and development.

Good administration and operation of implemented security measures.

Good routines for managing nonconformities and incidents – based on best practice.

Typical activities for ensuring good IT security work – in practice:


Run a maturity analysis and identify the gaps


Secure ownership at all levels within the organization

Roll up your sleeves

Operationalize security policies and translate “policy language” into routines and processes which are actually feasible

Ask the difficult questions – regularly

Do the measures we have implemented work – how can we ensure that they work better?

As IT security consultants, we have a number of CISSP-trained consultants with great dedication to the discipline as well as broad experience within practical IT security work and service deliveries.