Overview and control

Today’s IT environments are characterized not only by a requirement for flexible and distributed solutions and fast changes, but also complex threat pictures and a need for overview and control.

We want secure systems and services, as well as a complete overview and control over the infrastructure which supports the services we deliver.

"Everything” is easier with overview and control!

Of course, everyone wants a good overview and control because of the many benefits:

  • Simplified and clarified priorities within security.
  • Faster and more precise reporting and location of errors and nonconformities.
  • Simpler planning of changes and their consequences.
  • Common understanding of tasks, challenges and necessary changes.
  • Better basis for calculating growth and resource allocation.
  • Ability to measure the quality of services from an end user perspective.

How Syscom can help:

Syscom has both long and broad experience of services and software for IT operation and IT infrastructure.

A good overview and control over infrastructure offers many benefits.

We will guide you securely towards the best solution and will not rest until it has been anchored – with enthusiasm – throughout your organization.

  • Analysis of the measures that will achieve the objective in the shortest time.
  • A good horizontal discovery of the infrastructure.
  • The vertical discovery and definition of services.
  • Requirements and expectations of service owners.
  • The procedure ensures digital service models which give control over the infrastructure.