IT Service Management

As IT users, we want IT systems and IT services at our workplace to “just work”.
In practice, many people find that this is not always the case. In order to solve this problem, the discipline of IT Service Management (ITSM) was established.
ITSM is aiming for good interaction between people, processes and tools in order to deliver better IT services.

In a world with widespread digitalization, ITSM is now more important than ever.

Why IT Service Management?

We live in a high-speed IT everyday world.

This makes it vital that processes run smoothly – they must help us to be efficient and produce fast, predictable results of high quality.

Introducing IT Service Management gives you:

  • Practical routines for delivering stable, high-quality IT services.
  • Highlighting of the value that IT adds to your business.
  • More efficient resource use when prioritized tasks are carried out first.
  • A pro-active approach instead of “fire-fighting”.

How does Syscom implement IT Service Management?

With our experienced consultants, market-leading products and good business understanding, we will familiarize ourselves with your business objectives and needs.

We will guide you securely towards the best solution and will not rest until it has been anchored – with enthusiasm – throughout your organization.

Syscom has unique expertise and many years of experience within IT Service Management deliveries.

IT will become a tool for the growth of your business.

  • Solutions which solve YOUR challenges, in YOUR business, for YOUR staff and customers.
  • Defined services for a digital workplace.
  • Appropriate integrations.
  • Advice concerning interaction and management.
  • Optimization of service desk and processes.
  • Be up-to-date – the latest within IT Service Management.
  • Delivery at the agreed time and without “hidden” costs.

Services, consultancy and training

Whether you need a health checkup for your ITSM solution, a Fast Track Implementation, training, raising of awareness or workshop: We adapt services to meet your needs, whether it concerns Incident, Request, Problem, Change, Release, Asset or Service Level Management etc.