Digital workplace

When we’re not at work, we are spoiled by many amazing new services.
These services are provided quickly and are available wherever you are, whenever you need them.
Imagine if it was the same at work? It could be – we call it the digital workplace.
A single portal which gives you access to all the services you need.

Why Digital workplace?

The benefits for your business in the digital workplace:

  • Automated follow-up and delivery reduces errors and delays to a minimum.
  • Reduced costs.
  • A good user experience and a clear business strategy results in committed and motivated staff.
  • All business areas can be included over time: IT, HR, property, finance, sales, marketing, etc.


The benefits for your staff in the digital workplace:

  • A good and fast user experience simplifies everyday life and improves efficiency, loyalty and wellbeing.
  • “All” services are just a key press away.
  • Flexibility and mobility.

What is the Digital workplace?

The Digital workplace enables everyone to work in a simpler, digital, mobile and interaction-friendly working environment.
An environment which creates committed staff who act as a driving force for innovation and creativity, show responsibility and adopt new technology. Get more out of your company’s biggest resource: Your staff. With a focus on your staff and new working models, better results will follow.

How is Digital workplace implemented?

Each approach to digital workplace is different. Yet there are common elements such as digital technology solutions and the way in which we approach the project.

Syscom has broad experience of Service Management, automation and self-service – key elements in a digital workplace.

Our consultants’ business understanding, combined with the latest technology, will form the basis for your digital workplace.

We will guide you securely towards your digital workplace and ensure anchoring throughout your organization.

  • Digital solutions adapted to YOUR business to solve YOUR challenges.
  • Automated services for a digital workplace.
  • Appropriate integrations.
  • Optimization and continual improvement.
  • Advice concerning interaction and management.
  • Delivery at the agreed time and without “hidden” costs.