Customer service

We life in a fantastic age. In just a few key presses, we can shop around, compare and choose what we like best in an instant. As a result, we no longer have the same sense of loyalty to suppliers as we did previously. Consequently, the key factor in getting us to come back every time is good customer service.

Good service generates loyal and satisfied customers!

Good customer service – what is it?

When customers experience good service, they become more loyal, buy more and tell other people about their experiences. Good customer service alone is not enough, but it IS one of the biggest differentiators in a competitive market.
Customer service is the experience before we buy, when we buy and after a purchase has been made.

The key elements in good customer service are:

  • A good customer experience (both digital and interpersonal)
  • That your inquiry is always followed up (a cliché, but true)
  • Information throughout the process
  • That we keep our promises – expectation management


Is it important that the inquiry itself is answered? It is unfortunately not always possible, but a customer must still be left with the impression of good customer service.

How Syscom can help:

Here are some typical activities on the road to better customer service:


Understand the customers’ needs, define the scope and ‘quick wins’ for improvement.

Roll up your sleeves

Implement solution, customer portal, self-service and integrations.
Internal training and anchoring.
Inform and brand the solutions to customers and partners.

Excellence in Service Management

Syscom’s staff have service management, customer service and customer portals under their skin. This enables us to contribute everything from IT systems to routines for managing customer inquiries efficiently and securely.


It is becoming increasingly important, and will soon be a requirement, that the customer can find solutions, place orders and register inquiries themselves.