The automation of tasks is essential in order to provide better and digitalized
business services, and a prerequisite for providing a modern, digital workplace.

Automation is effectivization, modernization and digitalization implemented in a system.

Why should we automate?

The key benefits of automation are:

  • You can deliver routine tasks faster.
  • Services will be delivered in the same way every time, with a predictable delivery time and quality.
  • Free up time for other tasks.
  • Save costs.

Every time an automated service is used, you free up time and save money. There is therefore considerable potential for automating routine tasks.

All services that have clear guidelines for execution are good candidates for automation. What we automate should also be used with a certain frequency in order to make the job of automation profitable.

What should be automated?

Here are some examples:

  • Password resetting
  • Ordering of equipment – ideally integrated with the suppliers’ order systems
  • Ordering of software with automatic roll-out
  • Access control
  • New employee (onboarding) or employee leaving (offboarding)
  • Handling of life-cycle for equipment
  • Ordering of reports
  • Setup and shutdown of virtual environments
  • Establishment and shutdown of project areas in interaction tools
  • Patching of clients, servers and mobile devices
  • Startup/Restart of server services

How Syscom can help:

The approach to automation will be customized to meet your needs, but there are certain common elements and activities:


Define candidates for automation. Involve both users and providers of the services (everything from IT to HR, etc.)


Simplify and improve routines – at the same time as they are automated.


Prepare the description of the service, how it is delivered and how nonconformities will be managed.


Implement automated routines, test and put into production.


Regularly evaluate and improve.

Syscom has many years of experience of automation, self-service and service management. We are very familiar with the platforms and tools that can help with automation.